Excursions: The old venetian harbour of Chania

With a history expanding from the Neolithic period, when the first settlement of the city was founded just steps from the Venetian harbour, Chania has seen Romans, Byzantine officials, Arabs, Venetians, Ottomans, and Germans pass through her city streets.

Due to its strategic geographical position, Crete has always had to struggle for independence, but this ever-changing history makes for a fascinating story! 

Discover what makes Crete’s cultural capital so magical on our relaxed  walking tour of Chania. We will see sites from the Old Town to the lesser known Ottoman and Jewish quarters. Get ready to experience Chania with all your senses! 

We’ll start our tour at the Dimotiki Agora (Municipal Market), which marks the border between the old and new town. Built between 1908 and 1913 (the year that Crete was united with Greece), the Agora hosts more than 70 shops selling mostly regional products. You’ll get to explore the market and sample local delicacies while learning about the deliciously healthy Cretan diet.

With your taste buds satisfied, we will walk to the old town district. Wander through narrow lane ways, hidden backstreets, and open doors to secret gardens, and Venetian and Ottoman monuments. Finally, we’ll walk along the waterfront of one of Chania’s historical neighborhoods and sit down to an inviting table with Cretan mezedes (local dishes).

By Martin Vlatos

Lives in Vlatos on Western Crete. Founder of Westcretan.com, Inaxorio.com and of Vlatos Jazz an all year world music festival in Vlatos.

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