Ross Daly is the originator of the term Contemporary Modal Music, which refers to contemporary compositional works which draw their influences and inspiration from the broader world of modal musical traditions which are found primarily although not exclusively in the vast geographical region between Western Africa and Western China. InContinue Reading

World renowned bassist, awarded composure and tutor, Petros Klampanis  based both in New York and Athens, Greece, has earned acclaim as “a formidable player and composer” (JazzTimes) and “a musician who has always spoken from the heart” (Downbeat) In this workshop Petros will focus and elaborate  on grooves and conceptsContinue Reading

Day 1 7:15/8:00 – Meditation 8:15/9:00 – Breakfast 9:15/11:30 – Workshop 11:30/12:00 – Snack 12:00/15:00 – Traditional Cretan Cooking Workshop 15:00/15:45 – Lunch 15:45/17:30 – Siesta 17:30/19:30 – Workshop 19:30/20:30 – Diner 20:30/23:30 – Social event Day 2 7:15/8:00 – Meditation 8:15/9:00 – Breakfast 9:15/11:30 – Workshop 11:30/12:00 – SnackContinue Reading

With a history expanding from the Neolithic period, when the first settlement of the city was founded just steps from the Venetian harbour, Chania has seen Romans, Byzantine officials, Arabs, Venetians, Ottomans, and Germans pass through her city streets. Due to its strategic geographical position, Crete has always had toContinue Reading