Meet your tutors: Tilasa Digeni

Tilasa was born and lives in Crete. Her father is a Cretan traditional dance teacher and her mother a kindergarten teacher . So from a very young age the game of arts became her expression of creativity. Her first steps and her base was around dance, then teaching and research of traditional Cretan dances, studies in music, painting, graphic design and jewelry design. She has always been attracted towards the game between aesthetics and psychology in human life and the environment. Her first professional step was as an Interior Architectural Designer. Then, guided by her inner voice of love, she educated in Healing for the soul and the Earth. She trained as an Holistic Life Coach, as an Alpha Chi -Feng Shui Specialist for home, business and Earth with special knowledge in Geo therapy. Dance – Sound – Colors – Space all combined with her therapeutic knowledge. The puzzle pieces for the game of life came together and she created her own art, and her own school. Today she guides and teaches people on how to create a happy life in happy and healthy places.

By Martin Vlatos

Lives in Vlatos on Western Crete. Founder of, and of Vlatos Jazz an all year world music festival in Vlatos.