Meet your tutors: Vasilis Makrakis

Vasilis Makrakis is de chef of Milia and his cuisine is so humble that it stands on the borderline of Gourmet.

The Cretan cuisine is fairly considered as one of the healthiest and most delicious in the world.

The Cretan cuisine is based exclusively on fresh, quality products of the land and the gastronomic culture of the Cretans. It has very little correlation to what is called the Mediterranean Diet. The Cretan Diet is really unique.

You will not find any weird extravagant  recipes but you will surely indulge on what it means to have excellent food resources. The vegetables from our certified organic garden, our own raised meat and the various products from the nearby villages make a huge difference in taste, which cannot go unnoticed.

Our cooking is usually done in the casserole and the wood stove.

From the wood stove you will taste daily handmade bread and yummy traditional dishes. We like to improvise in our recipes, such as roasted baby goat, lamb with herbs, zucchini pot pie, vegetarian moussaka and many more. We serve exceptional greens soups, aubergine spread (you won’t find anything like it) and local handmade cheese and herb pies etc.

Vasilis Makrakis serves his own handcrafted wine, as well as many more wines by distinct Cretan wine producers.

By Martin Vlatos

Lives in Vlatos on Western Crete. Founder of, and of Vlatos Jazz an all year world music festival in Vlatos.